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"Coming Home"

The Music of Willard Barth.   10 Songs.


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Radio Interview Posted Online

Listen to Willard's recent interview with Judyth Piazza of the Student Operated Press


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The Desktop Life Coach Software from Willard Barth Enterprises and IEx2 Technologies, Inc.



Videos of 4 television interviews with Jerry Pradier of The Progressive Business Development Network



Welcome to the home of Willard Barth Enterprises. My goal is to Inspire, Educate and Empower you and help you achieve all of your personal and business goals -- faster and with less effort than ever before. This goal is really very straight forward. To provide you with technology, training, resources and strategies that you can use to achieve results beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped.

When you bring in someone to speak to your organization, do you seek "theory" and "good sound bytes"? Or do you look for someone who is going to give your people the skills, strategies and philosophies that they themselves have used for success?

Willard Barth speaks from experience. It can be a keynote speech about overcoming a life threatening illness, or teaching people how to tap into hidden potential in their personal and professional lives. Willard shares from personal experience what he applied to go from a life of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial ruin, to being one of the leaders in his field.

Are you looking for someone who can Inspire your audience with their personal stories? Or are you looking for something More? What if you were able to find someone who would not only inspire your audience... but who can also offer them specific skills and strategies that they can use to create RESULTS in their own lives?

Companies of all sizes, Churches, Retreat Organizers and Growth Minded Organizations across the country have called on Willard not only for his skills as a Keynote speaker and Workshop facilitator, but also to share music from his internationally acclaimed album. Willard not only talks about living his dreams, he puts those words into ACTION!!!

Author of "The Journey: One Man's Experience, Strength and Hope", Willard is often called on to speak about overcoming the loss of his leg to cancer as a child, overcoming his battle with alcohol and drugs, and how he turned from a life that was "bankrupt" into his ongoing journey of self awareness and guiding others to their fullest potential.

Speaker, Trainer, Personal and Professional Peak Performance Coach, Author, Internationally Recognized Singer/Songwriter/Performer, Information Marketer, Marketing Strategist, Business Builder, And Spiritual Counselor. Willard Barth Walks his Talk!
Willard Barth, Lou Pallo, Pappy Kay and The Legendary Les Paul performing at The Iridium Jazz Club in NYC
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