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"Thank you so much for speaking at our church and presenting your talk on "Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone". It was certainly very well received by our congregation of 200, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews. It was insightful, inspirational and your humble, yet dynamic presence was a blessing to all."
Rev. Janette M Freeman
Church For Today, Fresno, CA
"I just wanted to let you know what a great workshop you presented. I have been taking "action" in a couple areas of my life. And that message has been "in my face" three times since your workshop - so I guess I'd better get to it! Blessings to you!"

Betty B.
Phoenix, AZ

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A Message From Willard
A dear friend recently asked me, "Why are you so committed to helping people?" The answer was simple; because someone was there to help me. The greatest gift that we can give to ourselves... is being of service to others. I know that these may sound clich'e, but there is a saying that I want to share with you, that I choose to apply to my life which will hopefully give you a deeper insight to my answers.
"I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the same help to be available to them, that was available to me. And for that... I am responsible."
Life has obstacles, that's just part of the deal. And I believe that it is our responsibility to help others overcome the obstacles that we, ourselves, have Mastered. In my own life, I have had the blessings of great teachers, as well as amazing experiences, both "good" and "bad", that have formed who I am today. And I have found that only by giving back, by helping others along the way, do I truly find joy. It is my belief that this "human experience" we are having, is a journey. But this is not a journey where the destination should be the focus, although for many of us that is where it has been. What I believe this journey is about is for us to experience who we become along the way. It's all about choices.
When you truly take a moment and think about it, we choose who we will become in every moment. Every moment is an opportunity to take our lives in a new direction. We can choose to begin anew in each moment, or relive the past again and again.
It is my hope, that you will chose to join me in this part of your journey. Allow me to share with you some of the skills, strategies, beliefs, ideas and philosophies that have brought me to this place in my life. I'm not saying that I have the "only way", just that I am willing to share with you what has worked for me. And that I have learned, through sharing with others, has also helped them along their own personal journey.
Remember... there are two ways to learn things in this life... The school of "trial and error" otherwise known as "the school of hard knocks"... and the school of "OPE", also known as "Other People's Experience". It's all about choices. You can choose to be a "pioneer" and fight your way through... or you can look to others who have gone before and can show you some short cuts.
One thing I can tell you is this... every person I know who has created amazing results in their lives... has looked to someone, many times, numerous people for direction along the way. I hope you will allow me to be a part of the team you look to for guidance in your journey.
I treasure your trust and admire your commitment to creating the grandest vision of who you can become.
With deepest Love and Respect
Willard Barth
About Willard
Possibilities Conference Palm Springs, CAWillard Barth's personal journey has been one of overcoming several life-threatening obstacles that have become the building blocks of who he is, and what he does today. Coming to terms with these obstacles and gaining new perspectives is what Willard's message is really about.

Willard is the Founder of Willard Barth Enterprises, Inc. and President of IEx2 Technologies, Inc. These companies were created with the mission of "Elevating Self-Awareness through creating technology and offering resources that Inspire, Educate and Empower." Willard has been involved in the study of human behavior, personal and spiritual development for over 18 years and has studied and worked with some of the most recognized people in these fields.

Willard Barth is more than just a businessman and Peak Performance coach. Combining his passion for music and his passion for life, Willard's life truly revolves around inspiring, educating and empowering people through his music as well as seminars, training and one-on-one success coaching.

Bucky Pitzerelli, Willard and Les PaulWillard is a singer/songwriter whose music has been compared to Seal, Journey, Santana and Michael Bolton. If you enjoy music with meaning, you will enjoy material from his CD "Coming Home".

His music has charted in the top 20's overseas and has afforded him the ability to be onstage with world famous artists. He performs regularly with the Legendary Guitarist Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz club and has shared the stage with Tommy Shaw (Styx), Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), Joey Moranz (Paul McCartney), and Antonia Bennett.