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Videos of 4 television interviews with Jerry Pradier of The Progressive Business Development Network

"Thank you so much for speaking at our church and presenting your talk on "Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone". It was certainly very well received by our congregation of 200, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews. It was insightful, inspirational and your humble, yet dynamic presence was a blessing to all."
Rev. Janette M Freeman
Church For Today, Fresno, CA
"I just wanted to let you know what a great workshop you presented. I have been taking "action" in a couple areas of my life. And that message has been "in my face" three times since your workshop - so I guess I'd better get to it! Blessings to you!"

Betty B.
Phoenix, AZ

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Business Coaching


Coaching in a corporate or business setting uses the synergy of the organization and the individuals who work there to evolve their collective capacity for learning, creating, increasing performance and productivity.

In business, collaboration and teamwork are critical. When individuals and teams within organizations align personal/professional development with a corporate vision, breakthrough results are achieved.

Organizations achieve extraordinary results when individual creativity, potential, and passion are integrated and ignited.


Personal Coaching


Personal Coaching is a powerful relationship which enables an individual to realize extraordinary results through a process of discovery, goal setting, and meaningful action leading to higher awareness and overall growth.

Coaches focus on creating positive results in your personal & professional life by building self-awareness and suggesting positive action.

Coaching facilitates a deepened understanding or awareness that opens doors to new possibilities.


One-On-One Coaching


If the greatest athletes and most successful businesspeople in the world have coaches... shouldn't you?

Michael Massatto offers amazing insight into what a coach is... and how you can benefit from having a personal coach in the following summation, "What is a coach?"

A coach is a person who cares deeply about the fate of the human spirit. He is a trusted advisor, friend, and confidant who always has your best interest at heart.

A coach is a mentor who gets you to see yourself as others see you so that you can constantly improve and change. He is someone committed to your happiness and prosperity in life, and shows you how to more quickly and easily attain your personal and professional goals.

A coach is always pushing you out of your comfort zone by challenging you sometimes subtly, some times not so subtly; and holding you accountable to specific measurable results. He keeps you on track and overcoming obstacles in life by directing you and keeping your attention in the right place at the right time. He helps you take an undistorted, rational look at what is stopping you and gets it handled.

A coach is there to open your eyes and your mind to new possibilities by challenging you to think outside of your normal patterns. Not only is he there to teach you new things, but he is also there to remind you of what is tried and true that you may have forgotten or overlooked.

A coach may in many areas be your equal. In fact, you may possess raw talent and natural ability far superior to him. However, because a he has concentrated his power in a particular area for years, he can teach you new strategies, new techniques, and new information that can instantly bring your life and awareness to a higher level.

Life is an ever-unfolding experience. There are always choices you can make, always different paths you can choose. A coach has walked the path before you and can speed you on your journey by offering you distinctions that will allow you to chose a path best suited to who you choose to become.

Willard has worked one on one with numerous heads of companies, as well as individuals in helping them more fully reach their potential. No matter where you are geographically located, coaching is available to you to assist you in your personal journey.


Whether you are based in the Northeast... or you are attending a workshop in your area, Willard extends offers at all of his events to do live coaching with participants in your area following the presentation. Sometimes staying in an area 2 weeks after the presentation to accommodate those interested in meeting with him.


If meeting with Willard in a face-to-face setting is not practical, telephone sessions can be arranged. Some clients have weekly coaching scheduled via telephone so he is able to keep in contact with them no matter where he may be in the country.