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"Coming Home"

The Music of Willard Barth.   10 Songs.


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Listen to Willard's recent interview with Judyth Piazza of the Student Operated Press


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The Desktop Life Coach Software from Willard Barth Enterprises and IEx2 Technologies, Inc.



Videos of 4 television interviews with Jerry Pradier of The Progressive Business Development Network


"On behalf of the Professional Services Group, I would like to say thank you for your enthusiastic and enlightening presentation... So many of our members commented on their way out the door at how impressed they were with your material and presentation and how they were glad they decided to attend the meeting... it is through the dedication of our members... and excellent guest speakers such as yourself, that help make the Professional Services Group continue to reach the levels of success that it does. Thank you!"

Amanda Young, PSG Facilitator
NJ Dept. Of Labor, Dover, NJ
"Will Barth is an amazing human being!! He is loving, passionate, and deeply committed to making a difference in people's lives. He is not only a great teacher and coach, he's been (and continues to be) a fantastic student who understands personal development from the standpoint of implementing it in his own life to create extraordinary results!! He doesn't just "talk the talk" he "WALKS THE WALK"

Bob Quintana, Univera Life Sciences
Old Bridge, NJ

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Having worked with many of the leading figures in the fields of Personal Development, Spiritual Development and Business Development in the world, we have created a line of products designed to assist you in reaching all of personal and business goals.
10 songs, professionally recorded with award winning producer Plinky Giglio including "Wind Dancer", "Will I Fight", "Coming Home" and 7 more inspirational tracks.
"Designing The Life You Deserve" Guided Meditation $29.95
This CD uses ambient sound, as Willard guides you into an Alpha level meditation. The meditation will begin with Willard guiding you through a peaceful journey that balances your energy, and then directs you in creating a place in your unconscious mind that will help you become more aware of your intuitive senses, as well as helping you get clear on setting your intentions to what you desire in your life.
The Ultimate Success Formula $29.95
Recorded "Live" as Willard shares "The Ultimate Success Formula". This 7-step process allows anyone who applies it to achieve the results they are committed to creating in their lives. Listen as Willard helps audience members gain clarity on what it is that they truly want... and gives them skills and strategies as to how they can get it NOW !!!
Applied Neuro-Dynamics In Public Speaking 2 CD Set $49.95
This 2 CD set was recorded "live" as Willard teaches participants the step-by-step process that allows them to increase the effectiveness of their presentations anywhere from 30-300%. By applying these tools of "unconscious persuasion" Willard helps the participants overcome their "fears" of public speaking... and helps them ensure that their audience truly understands the message they are trying to convey.
The Warrior Sage: Sacred Scars (e-book) $9.97
Learn how it all started. The journey that transformed the life of one man... and gave him the insight to help others transform theirs. Take a look at the past, the present and the future as Willard shares himself completely. This book is broken into two parts. Part 1 is autobiographical, written from the perspective of an observer watching as the patterns are formed that will lead to the self-destruction and then re-creation of the man you will come to know. Part 2 is a compilation of the strategies and skills that were used to make that transformation that have also helped thousands of others to also reach levels of higher awareness.


"Our Mission is... To elevate the Self-awareness of humanity by providing Inspiration, Education and Empowerment."


Imagine living a life based in Courage, Purpose and Joy. What would be possible if you lived every day operating from that kind of place, versus feelings of Fear, Need and Obligation?


We specialize in
technologies, strategies and principles
for real world success AND fulfillment.
Our goal is to help people identify and overcome the hidden obstacles to reaching their full potential in terms of both success and fulfillment.

By utilizing high-impact, breakthrough psychological and experiential processes, and integrating cutting edge technology our participants experience both immediate and long term changes that include increased incomes, greater net worth, better relationships, true power, fulfillment, living with purpose... and a sense of inner peace.

IEx2 seminars are taught using high-involvement, accelerated learning techniques that allow participants to learn faster, remember more and have tons of fun... all designed to dramatically enhance their lives.

If there is one word to describe the IEx2 philosophy, that word is "RESULTS!" Our seminars are extraordinary however we believe it's what you do and what happens in your life after the seminar that really counts!
If you are ready to take your life to the next level we are ready for you!


A Message from Willard

"It is not our abilities that determine who we will become; It is the decisions we make... in every moment... that will ultimately create the reality we will live in."-Willard Barth
Let me begin by saying that I am not offering a "magic pill" that is going to transform your life. No magic wand that someone will wave over your head that will make your problems disappear. And I am not looking to be your "guru" who is going to give you the "secret phrase" that will unlock the mysteries of the Universe for you.
I spent a large portion of my life looking for those "quick fixes", and what I got from chasing them, was a lot of pain... disillusionment... and disappointment.
What I finally found... I want to share with you. And what I found is profoundly simple... You Hold The Key!!!
The challenge is... it is a simple solution... for complex people. Over time we have come to believe that we are powerless. That someone else must be responsible for us. That our circumstances determine how we feel, and how we live.
I want to offer you a possibility... What would happen if it were really that easy? What if you could determine the outcome of your life, simply by becoming more aware of the decisions you make? What would happen if YOU were able to decide... right now... that you deserved more? I'm not just talking material possessions... Don't you deserve more loving relationships? More vibrant health? More time with the people you love? More peace of mind?


Keynote Speeches

Coming To Terms With Why
World famous motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins has said, "The quality of our life... is determined by the quality of our questions". This being said, one of the most paralyzing questions we can ask ourselves when something happens... is "Why?" In this speech, Willard shares how this one question controlled his life for 16 years. And how changing the question... changed his life.

Learn the true power that you possess...and begin to understand how to truly take control of the quality of YOUR life.

Coming Home
"It's not about achieving the goal...It's about who we become along the way." Like many people, Willard Barth tried many approaches and took many detours in his quest to answer age-old questions like... "Why am I here?" and "What is this whole thing about?"

In this presentation, Willard discusses candidly his journey into the "darker" side of life. How he began his "spiritual" journey, and ultimately... what he found along the way. Traveling through dangerous territory... and finally... Coming Home!!!


1-4 Hour Workshops
Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
Based on the idea that we are co-creators with God, it would seem that our purpose is to explore life and continue to expand on his creation. Yet many people resign themselves to a life of "safety and security". Living the same patterns over and over repeating the processes that they have become "comfortable" with. Why is it that people unknowingly create a physical and psychological space around themselves that many refer to as "The Comfort Zone" which prevents them from fully exploring their potential? What are the 3 Keys to understanding that will allow someone to move past that unseen barrier? How can you begin to use the edge of your personal comfort zone to "propel" you into a new way of life?

In this workshop you will become more connected to understanding your purpose as a "co-creator", then learn how to identify what has been preventing you from taking action. You will also be given skills and strategies as to how to "expand your personal comfort zone" as well as learn how to create an enhanced vision of what is possible.

What BS (Belief System) Is Creating Your Life
Most people would agree that the human mind is the greatest supercomputer on the planet. If that is the case, then your Belief Systems would be considered the software that your supercomputer runs on. Where specifically do belief systems come from and how do they affect the way you live your life? Is it possible that some of the core beliefs that make up your identity came to you from outside yourself? And is it also possible that those same belief systems are preventing you from living the life you deserve?
Explore what is possible by learning that you have a choice. You can be the one to determine who you become when you begin to understand the "Power of BS". In this workshop you will learn how momentum is created for both empowering, and disempowering belief systems, and how to change the direction of that momentum if needed.

You'll also come face to face with some of your most limiting belief systems and be given the opportunity to re-examine their hold over you.

How To Create Miracles In Every Moment

A Course In Miracles defines a Miracle as "A shift in perception." Psychologists and Scientists alike agree that what is being observed... changes with the participation of the observer. By learning how to change your perception you can immediately change your life. What is the key ingredient to controlling what you focus on? How can you take an active role, in every moment choosing what your perception will be allowing yourself to serve the greatest good? Open your mind to the possibilities.

In this workshop you will be given skills and strategies that will allow you to begin perceiving life in a new way. Take control of your "reactions" to life, and begin seeing the miracles in everything.


Multi-Day Events

7 Keys To Success & Fulfillment
One of the benefits of working in this business is that I have had the opportunity to be exposed to some amazing people around the world. In my interactions with these people, I have been given tremendous insights and new perceptions on age-old philosophies that have allowed millions of people to evolve into their highest visions of themselves.
One of these amazing people I have had the gift of sharing time with is a woman by the name of Martha Creek . Martha is a minister at the Unity Church in Louisville in Louisville , KY. The weekend that I spent with her was a value in so many ways that I may never know the full extent to which she touched my life. One of the things she shared with me became the foundation of this seminar and a book I am working on of the same name.
One of the most impressive things to me about the "7 Keys to Success and Fulfillment" was that they were not the traditional "How-to" that most teachers were sharing through their books and seminars. As I studied and expanded on these 7 "Keys" as I would come to call them, I found that these "key ingredients" were present in every person and every situation where a person was successful AND fulfilled.
In having spent the past 15 years working with people who are committed to making their lives better, I have found that many people will succeed, but then not be fulfilled. By other people's standards, they "have it all". Yet, many of those same people live lives of "quiet desperation" because even with all the trophies, accolades and material rewards that they have gained for themselves... they are still not happy or at peace with their lives. At the same time, I have met many others who have resigned themselves to accepting their lot, and being fulfilled in a sense, but not as successful in their lives as they would truly like to be.
Understand that when I mention success and fulfillment, I am not assigning any specific parameters as to what I think success or fulfillment is for you. Those two words are completely unique to each person who speaks them. So whether your idea of success is to be a world famous businessperson, or a person who raises amazing children, I respect your definition for yourself. What I do offer to you, is that as you become exposed to these 7 Keys, you will see how they can apply to your personal definition and begin to have more of a sense of peace that comes from living a life well lived.

In this multi-day seminar you will explore the "7 Keys to Success and Fulfillment"... and then you will experience what happens when as you begin to apply them to your life RIGHT AT THE EVENT!!!

Neuro-Dynamic Design;
Building The Bridge Between Science and Spirituality
"Neuro-Dynamics". Is it a catch phrase for the new millennium? Is it some technological terminology for cybernetic research? Or maybe it's a new weight loss program that they are marketing on late night TV.
When I first talk to people about the Neuro-Dynamic Institute, and Neuro-Dynamics these are some of the questions I get. It's quite understandable actually. Neuro-Dynamics is a hybrid, a creation made from a mixture of Sciences and Methodologies that separately... most people have never been exposed to, or if they have... they have little understanding of.
The fundamental elements of Neuro-Dynamics are found in the realms of Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Human Behavioral Sciences, Philosophy, Theology and Ancient Eastern and Mid-Eastern techniques of dealing with the human body as well as the spiritual essence of who we are. So to ask someone to automatically understand Neuro-Dynamics without any in-depth exploration is like trying to fit a square peg in around hole.
Let me put your mind at ease. Neuro-Dynamics is a system that was created to allow everyone, whether they have a PhD, or are still in middle school, the ability to better understand the complexities of Human Behavior and Universal Laws that govern all things. It is a study in being able to apply proven strategies that will allow you to benefit from "practical" results as well as understanding at a higher level of "awareness" the effect that you have on everything around you.

In this multi-day event you will experience what it is like to better understand your "inner mechanisms" that control how you operate in your environment. You will learn, and then experience what it is like to become more consistent in creating the results you desire in your reality.

The Mind, Body, Spirit Weekend
There is knowledge... and then there is experience
In this extraordinary multi-day event, Willard brings together many of his mentors, associates and colleagues to present a completely "experiential" retreat. This multi-day event is filled with exercises that will allow you to better understand the workings of your inner mind, align and cleanse your body, and connect you to the Source that flows through all things.
In this program you will learn not just from Willard, but also several leaders in the Mind, Body, Spirit community who will not only educate... but expose you to experiences that will allow you to take home new understandings of how to connect with your "higher self".

Courses are as varied as Advanced Neuro-Dynamic Design, Meditation, Laws of Attraction, Pranic Healing, Massage, Aroma Therapy, Effortless Living and MORE!!! Each Mind Body Spirit weekend is unique in its offerings based on the teachers who are present. Stay informed of who is presenting and continue to expand your "experience" base.