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Videos of 4 television interviews with Jerry Pradier of The Progressive Business Development Network

What people are saying about Willard’s…
Keynotes, Trainings, Workshops and Coaching.
“On behalf of the Professional Services Group, I would like to say thank you for your enthusiastic and enlightening presentation… So many of our members commented on their way out the door at how impressed they were with your material and presentation and how they were glad they decided to attend the meeting… it is through the dedication of our members… and excellent guest speakers such as yourself, that help make the Professional Services Group continue to reach the levels of success that it does. Thank you!”
Amanda Young, PSG Facilitator,
NJ Dept of Labor, Dover, NJ
“Thank you so much for speaking at our church and presenting your talk on “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone”. It was certainly very well received by our congregation of 200, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews. It was insightful, inspirational and your humble, yet dynamic presence was a blessing to all.”
Rev. Janette M Freeman
Church For Today, Fresno, CA
“I just wanted to let you know what a great workshop you presented. I have been taking “action” in a couple areas of my life. And that message has been “in my face” three times since your workshop…so I guess I’d better get to it! Blessings to you!”

Betty B.
Phoenix, AZ

"Will Barth is an amazing human being!! He is loving, passionate, and deeply committed to making a difference in people's lives. He is not only a great teacher and coach, he's been (and continues to be) a fantastic student who understands personal development from the standpoint of implementing it in his own life to create extraordinary results!! He doesn't just "talk the talk" he "WALKS THE WALK"!!! ... and I'm blessed to call Willard my friend!!"

Bob Quintana
Old Bridge, NJ
Univera Life Sciences

Integrity. If I was given only one word to describe Will it would be integrity, Integrity at the highest level. I've learn so much from Will over the years about keeping my word. He has tremendous compassion for people; he is filled with inspiration and love of learning, teaching, always sharing technologies to assist others in creating their life dreams. For as long as I have known Willard his journey has been one of being open to possibilities for human potential and taking this information and sharing it through coaching, seminars and workshops.

Donna Visco, Joyful Evolution
Union, NJ

Willard Barth is one of those exceptional people on this planet who has taken major challenges in his life and built them into an inspirational monument which he projects through every talk and interaction with people all around the world. I'd have Willard on my team any day! I wish I could get every client of mine to see life through Willard’s eyes. Their lives would benefit greatly from his experience and transformation.

Dr. Denice Moffat
Moscow, ID

Willard Barth is an outstanding coach! He successfully achieves his commitment to empower those in crisis to transform their lives forever. His gentle demeanor cloaks a no-nonsense approach that fosters immediate results.

Pamela Harmon, M.Ed.
Fort Worth, Texas

If you are interested in changing your life for the better it is highly recommended that you attend any event conducted by Willard Barth. Make sure to bring your notepad and an open mind. Your life will be changed by having Willard in your life as a coach and mentor. You have an amazing leader, coach and trainer available to you, I guarantee it.

Aniko Fekete
Wealth Masters International

… I have worked with Willard on various projects across the country and have found Mr. Barth to be an outstanding individual to work alongside with. Whether tasked with accomplishing a single objective or being asked to lead a team of highly motivated individuals. Willard consistently achieves the desired outcome while delivering more than was asked or expected.

Bill Keefe
Miami, FL

“I enjoyed the honesty and his willingness to share his own experience and give me hope. I’ve never been in a horrible situation (I’m only 18), but my mind has changed, my focus has changed. Willard, my life HAS changed. Thank You!”

Crystall Sperduto

“He was direct, carried me through step by step. I felt as though I was leaning on him for strength.”

Louise Haeberer

“Excellent sense of humor… and such a reality check”

Kendall Simms

“Great, Inspirational & Empowering”

Pat Dwyre

“I constantly remind myself to “walk through the fear”, that is, to not shy away from the difficult, the painful or avoidable. You are a perfect example of truly thinking with an open heart… I think you did a great service here in showing the personal side of the journey whereby you didn’t shirk responsibility, but embraced it and shared the lessons. I am in awe of you!”

Linda Donath

What people are saying about Willard’s…
Music and Inspirational Presentations.
“I am very thrilled you were with us a few weeks ago. You brought a wonderful energy to us, and I so appreciate your willingness to learn "Be Still" at the last minute. You sang it flawlessly and (as you know) moved me to tears. Thanks and blessings”

Rev Michele Whittington,
Creative Living Fellowship
Phoenix, AZ

“Willard was a phenomenal addition to our Anniversary celebration. Not only did he sing during our services… where he brought many people to tears when he connected with our children, but also gave a great evening concert. It was a joy having him at our church.”

Rev Martha Creek
Unity of Louisville
Louisville, KY

“It is a pleasure to recommend Mr. Willard Barth to you as a very talented singer, songwriter and workshop presenter. Willard sang two of his original songs at our church on Sunday, August 1, 2004 and received a standing ovation for his performance… Willard also presented a workshop called “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone,” which was very well received by our congregants. I heard several comments like “Great” and “Inspiring.” Although Willard lives in Pennsylvania and our church is in Phoenix, our minister has asked me to bring him back once a year, despite the attendant costs of transportation and lodging. He’s worth it! “

Dr. Mark Broder
Music Director, Creative Living Fellowship, Phoenix, AZ

“He was real and made me feel safe and secure in showing my emotions”

Christine Bertha
Gaia Massage
South Plainfield, NJ

He shared openly the ups and downs of his own life experiences, expressing his feelings with honesty and integrity… His contributions continue to bless all those who read I Am a Miracle and enjoy the CD… We honor the miracle who Willard is in our world; he is living a life of inspiration to the myriad people who are choosing to follow his example on their own journeys.

Linda Donath
I Am a Miracle Foundation Secretary
Kalispell, MT

“Willard was spectacular, down to earth, made a tremendous amount of sense and was entertaining, and he hits your heart... spirit and soul”

Nancy Gaines

“Willard's personal story gave me a lot of inspiration. His positive mental attitude and presentation were magnificent!”

Alicia Lee Sledge